Name: Philip Wade

Family: Wife-Rachal, Son-Noah, Son-Eli, Beautiful Daughter-Avery, Dog-Oreo, Dog-Duke, & Cat-Tesla


  • Hico High School, Hico, TX

  • B.S. in Broadcast Communication - Dallas Baptist University

  • M.Ed. in Educational Technology Leadership - Lamar University

Hobbies: Family, Church, Coaching sons' baseball teams, being outdoors, watching sports, taking video and photos with the Phantom 3

Other: I enjoy all types of "Good" music, Peanut M&Ms, Oreos, and Dr. Pepper

Brief Philosophy of Education

As a fourth-generation Texas educator, I am proud of the career I have chosen to influence and serve students of all ages and backgrounds. Teaching is one of the oldest and most noble professions in the world. Although our culture sees education as a limited experience relegated to the first few decades of a person’s life, I believe education is a never-ending interregnal part to human development. Therefore, students must be taught the tools of learning if they are to be successful in life. Teaching a student the fundamental facts and knowledge is important, but these are merely building materials. It is only through the tools of learning (reasoning, logic, rhetoric, etc.) that these building materials can be properly constructed towards student success.